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You read that right! Diablo returns to us from her initial premiere on to give Steve Awesome a handjob in his third handjob video. After a few introductory questions, Diablo figures out what we want from her. She takes off all of her clothes, leaves on her boots, get on her knees, and proceeds to suck and jerk Steve until he cums all over her perky little boobs. Steve makes Diablo lay down on the ground so he can shoot his load of jizz across her while his balls dangle above her naked belly and bald pussy. This version of Diablo's handjob video was shot in 3-D using a FujuFilm FinePix Real 3D W3. To view in 3-D, you just need to size the video to where you can cross your eyes so that the two images overlap to make 3 images. The middle image will be in 3D. This is known as cross-viewing (or sometimes cross-eyed viewing).

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