Model Texans

Click this button to download a free sampler ZIP containing 3D .MPO photos and .AVI videos for the Nintendo 3DS. Simply unzip the contents of the ZIP into your 3DS SD card here: \DCIM\100NIN03\ Texas Jobs For Hands: Christina Interview (3D)

We've shot with Christina in the past and when she said she was down to give Steve a handy -- we couldn't resist! Christina tells us her boyfriend cums pretty much within 30 seconds of his penis touching her lips. Steve Awesome agrees she's got a magic touch. Enjoy this 20 minute long video featuring excellent handwork and mouthwork by the vivacious brunette Christina. Shot in 1080p (in 3D!) this scene is well worth it if you like a helping of face fucking with your handjob. To view in 3D, cross your eyes so that both images overlap.

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