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PrettyXLikeXDrugs just needed to tone up her otherwise lithe and perky little body and decided she'd check out the personal trainer in her building. I mean, how can a personal trainer call himself Steve Awesome if he isn't good at working people out, right? Unfortunately PrettyXLikeXDrugs didn't count on the specialty exercises that she'd have to do have her workout with the dumbbells was completed. Steve Awesome suggested her could strengthen her biceps, triceps and lats if she could swallow his cock in 100 reps. Really? Yes, really! One of the most important rules of the TexSex gym is that you need to make sure you're properly stretched. Steve Awesome made sure he used his fingers and tongue to stretch PrettyXLikeXDrugs' pussy so it could accommodate his thick turgid wang when he slid it into her. Pretty didn't seem to mind the extra time it took. The exercise ball is one of the most useful tools a trainer can use in the TexSex gym to work out certain muscles that the machines and the dumbbells simply aren't going to touch. In particular, PrettyXLikeXDrugs' pussy muscles get lots of time with multiple plunging strokes and reps until Steve has to eventually unload his workout juices onto her sweet little face.

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