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Did we mention how much Steve Awesome enjoys fucking petite little @JennaSuvari? Jenna can take a cock while standing up straight. It makes getting on your knees for doggy style seem almost barbaric. Jenna audible alerted Steve with moans of pleasure that his actions were appreciated. What a trooper! Jenna Suvari wasn't sure what Steve Awesome meant when he said they'd break in the apartment. Once they were alone in a vacant apartment, Steve pulled Jenna's shorts and panties down. Oh, so it's going to be that kind of apartment hunting? Bending over and offering her pussy to Steve, he gentle slid his cock inside her. Jenna Suvari and Steve Awesome decided to pretend to be newlyweds so they could check out new apartments in Houston. They found a great one across from Herman Park. Jenna asked Steve if they were really moving in? Steve said, no, but they were gonna break-in the apartment anyway! Steve and Jenna toured every room in their not-so-future apartment and had fun having sex in each one of them. The bedrooms and kitchen all took turns. Steve even fucked Jenna in front of the window with a lovely park view (as well as moving cars)! The two ended their naughty tryst in the bathroom as Steve blew his load of cum all over Jenna's little tummy.

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