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Fitness Girl decided she wanted to hit up the Tex Sex Gym with trainer Steve Awesome for an honest to God real work out! Of course, the workout involved some nudity, because of reasons. So... We got Fitness girl topless during her real work out at the Texas sex training gymnasium under the watchful eye of trainer Steve Awesome. She didn't realize this was going to be so hard so expect a lot of grunting and moaning. As our gorgeous big breasted Fitness Girl continues her ModelTexans sex gym workout, one thing becomes crystal clear: muscles that have never been worked out before are gonna be sore. Maybe she'll come back from some real training! Wishful thinking aside, the lovely Fitness Girl completes her workout with sit-ups that are both clothed and topless on the Tex Sex Gym floor. There's nothing depressing about watching his gorgeous teen work out. Well worth a second viewing, too!

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