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all new bionic intelligence videos filmed in high definition 1920x1080 Jessie Taylor / Jessie Taylor Hand Modeling Audition With Steve Awesome (2D)

It had been some time since Steve Awesome held open auditions to find talent for Texas Jobs For Hands. No sooner had he laid eyes on fun-sized Jessie Taylor did he know that the show must go on -- again! Jessie Taylor obediently answered Steve's questions about her familiarity with hand modeling. His questions got dirtier and filthier until she realized she'd be doing a lot more than showing off her palms. Taking Steve's rigid man meat between her slender fingers, Jessie Taylor made Steve throb with desire as she alternately stroked and sucked him during the course of the Texas Jobs for Hands audition. Steve Awesome could not hold in his orgasmic powers any longer thanks to Jessie Taylor's power of hand manipulation. Steve blew a nice load of his DNA all over Jessie's perky little boobies and no sooner than he was done did she take off for her car thankful the workout-like audition was finally complete.

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